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Why this site? Because none of us can do this alone. Because clinical wisdom resides in our network.

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WI STAR Method

A user-friendly graphical method to understand and address challenging complex clinical situations more effectively and efficiently.

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A trove of online assets on geriatric psychiatry theory and practice.

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Trainings and explanations of relevant topics posted to our YouTube channel.

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Valuable bits of wisdom based on experience or observation.


The Wisconsin Geriatric Psychiatry Initiative (WGPI) is a group of concerned individuals working together to shape an infrastructure from existing resources to enhance mental health services for older adults in Wisconsin and beyond.

Collaboration is sponsored in cooperation with UW-Madison Continuing Studies Aging & Long-Term Care and made possible by funding from the State of Wisconsin, Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, the Bureau of Prevention, Treatment & Recovery.


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If you are seeking a referral to a psychiatrist, The Wisconsin Geriatric Psychiatry Initiative (WGPI) recommends contacting your primary health care provider and requesting a psychiatrist with experience working with geriatric patients.