Our Mission

A message from the Wisconsin Geriatric Psychiatry Initiative (WGPI) team

Timothy Howell, MD

Board-Certified Geriatric Psychiatrist with UW-Madison and Middleton Memorial VA Hospital; Designer of Wisconsin Star Method.

Art Walaszek, MD

Board-Certified Geriatric Psychiatrist; Professor of Psychiatry at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health; and Co-Leader of the Outreach, Recruitment, and Education Core at Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.


This site aims to provide easier, device-responsive access to what we need in order to better serve older adults and their caregivers, as well as teachers and administrators. It’s founded on the basic WGPI premise that none of us can do it alone. By sharing what we know and don’t know, we can learn from each other. Clinical wisdom resides in our network, not with designated individuals or centers.

With this new design, you can access this information from any device — your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. And you can share it easily with fellow practitioners, family caregivers, even family members. Every page has buttons like the ones below that you can use to share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or via Gmail or Yahoo mail.

None of us can do this alone; together we can grow in knowledge, wisdom, and skill.