A trove of online assets on geriatric psychiatry theory and practice

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There are a variety of resources listed on this page and while this may not be a comprehensive list, we hope that it is one that has a number of publicly available or non-profit resources for your reference or consumption.  To ensure the integrity of the Wisconsin Geriatric Psychiatry Initiative, WGPI does NOT accept unsolicited entries from organizations.

  • Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing Try This Series: “Assessment Tools for Best Practices to Care of Older Adults”
  • Montreal Cognitive Assessment
  • Open Forest. High-quality blog posts, and mental health self-tests and self-help modules.
  • PHQ Screeners. PHQ-9 and PHQ-2 screening for geriatric depression and GAD-7 screening for generalized anxiety disorder/GAD in older adults
  • RGPs of Ontario: “Explore our resources to find the ones that best fit your needs. Whether it is research, practical tips, or screening tools, our resources are evidence-informed and created through collaborative engagement with clinicians and others.”
  • SLUMS: St Louis University Mental Status